Marco Minzoni

How To Teasign Research (2016)

Outcome of the first Design Unit at London College of Communication. The project aims to deconstruct and unfold the research process within design practice. I collected 37 of the most employed research techniques and methods, and applied them to traditional consumer products: teabags.

I realised a Visual Summary that, in the form of a diary, chronologically depicts all the workshops, tasks, inductions, research techniques and methods conducted during the period from early October to early December 2016. The simple layout and the informal tone of daily notes on lectures follow the narrative of the diary.

Publication, 135 x 230 mm, Bodonian bound
Cover: 2000 μm cardboard, coloured vynils
Inside: Fedrigoni Ivory 95gsm, b/w digital print

Cardboard box, 120 x 100 x 75 mm
37 folders, 35 x 75 mm
Canson Infinity 250gsm
B/w digital print, coloured vynils