Marco Minzoni

An Academic Based Brand On The New Value
Of Masturbation (2017)

Final major project at London College of Communication, MA in Graphic Branding and Identity. The project explores how mainstream pornography distorts the biological need to masturbate, developing a brand that fosters sexual freedom and personal expression.

The concept emerged from a year long research analysing negative sides of mainstream porn. I created an alternative to such a vision of pornography, based on personal tastes and preferences instead. Tailored Tales are personalised stories for sexual arousal, automatically generated
by inserting personal data into a sfotware. This will produce an ad hoc piece of text ready to print or send via email.

Set of 3 publications, 15 x 18,5 cm, section sewing bound
Cover: iridescent foil on Magno Gloss 130gsm, screen printed
Inside: range of 15 kinds of paper, 85 to 105gsm, b/w digital print
Slipcase: iridescent foil on Magno Gloss 250gsm, screen printed

Wooden kiosk, 55 x 67 x 123 cm
Built in MDF, white emulsion painted
Containing an iPad, a Mac Mini, and a b/w A4 printer
Tales printed on different kinds of paper, 75 to 90gsm