Marco Minzoni

Bones (2018)

Bones is a book made exclusively out of paper: no ink, no glue, no thread were added. Often overlooked as a support material only, merely a skeleton for the actual content, here, paper plays the leading role.

Through folding, cutting and embossing, these 216 grams of paper form a twofold catalogue. On the one hand, it contains every Conqueror product with technical specifications, on the other hand, it also presents a collection and celebration of punctuation marks from the English language: unreadable glyphs, considered to have no meaning on their own, but vital for the purpose of any written text.

Bones was conceived and developed in collaboration with Eugenia Luchetta as a response to the Antalis brief within D&Ad New Blood competition in 2018. The project was awarded a yellow pencil by D&Ad jury.

Publication, 115 cm x 170 cm
Conqueror collection, paper range from 100gsm to 350gsm
Paper binding through an interlocking system

Various interventions on paper:
cuttings, foldings, embossing, debossing, laser cut
The book contains no ink and no glue